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The Secret To Achieving Life Goals

Have you ever wondered how some people accomplish more in life than others? I have often asked myself this question but I didn’t have an answer until now.

The key to achieving lifetime goals is to constantly work at it. I know that sounds too simple but it’s the truth. The way this is done is to create short term goals.

Let me provide you with an example from life my life. I mentioned this in a different post but it’s worth repeating. I have a goal to publish a book. I can’t publish a book without writing a manuscript.

My book has an estimated 11 chapters in it. That is approximately one chapter a month for one year.

Most chapters have an average of 20 pages in it. There are 4 weeks in a month which means that I could write 5 pages a week and it would equal a chapter at the end of the month.

That is about 1 page a day or 2 or 3 pages a couple of days a week.

This life goal certainly feels within reach now! My short term goal then is to write 5 pages a week per month. By the end of the year I will have the first draft of my manuscript complete.

You eat an elephant by doing it one bite at a time! What life goal can you apply this to? What would it take to take small action toward your big goal?

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I'm a pastor, writer and serial encourager. I like to help people to grow in their relationship with God. I live outside of Atlanta, GA. I've written a book, Stubborn Faith: 30 Day Devotional Guide For New Growth. It's available for download on Amazon. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @ericspeir

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4 Replies

  1. I think it’s great to break things down and understand that our big goals aren’t nearly as daunting as we may have at first believed. And daily activity helps us keep our momentum going – which is important too.

    1. Eric

      Loren, you are right in saying that it takes daily activity. It takes far less energy to keep something in motion than it does to constantly start and stop.

  2. danblackonleadership

    First of all good luck on writing your book. What’s the topic going to be, if your willing to share? Breaking down a big task like that can really help a person see the daily tasks that will lead to a finished product.

    1. Eric

      Thanks Dan. I have several ideas for books but the one that I’m currently working on is learning to overcome life difficulties and setbacks, even during a recession. I’m gleaning the principles from the book of Ruth.

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