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Questions To Ask Yourself To Get Unstuck!

Are you stuck in one area of your life? Do you ever feel like you’re just digging a hole? Do you wish you could get going in one particular area? If there was one area of your life that you could change what would it be? As a life coach these are questions that I ask people all the time. As a coach I know that most everyone could you use some help to get unstuck in their lives.


Ever feel like you're just digging a hole?

At some point you’re going to get stuck. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but everyone at some point is going to experience difficulty or failure. The good news is that it doesn’t have to end that way. The first thing to do when you’re stuck or digging a hole is to quit digging! Several years ago I felt stuck in a place of my life. I sensed a change was needed and that a transition was coming soon. After a time of prayer I felt like the Lord was leading me to go and pursue my Master’s of Divinity degree. It was a difficult decision to make because I felt stuck on one hand but yet on the other hand, I knew I needed to make a change.

In the process of this transition I asked myself a few questions. Good questions have a way of clarifying the issues in our lives. Here are a few questions that I asked myself:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • What fears are holding me back? (You have to learn to overcome fear)
  • What is my motivation for doing this?
  • How will this change benefit me or my family?
  • What could happen if I accomplish this goal?
  • What could happen if I don’t accomplish this goal?
  • What small step could I take toward this big goal?

These are the main questions that I asked when considering the change that I was facing. In the end, I decided that the short term pain of change certainly outweighed my current comfort. Frankly, when I took the time to honestly answer these questions I realized that I had more positive reasons to make the change than to stay the same. When you do this it becomes easy to see what you must do.

Most people ask the wrong questions when wanting to move forward in their lives. They usually ask questions based out of fear and uncertainty rather than asking questions that produce life. Learn to frame your questions with a positive outlook rather than those based on fear.

Take the time to ask yourself the above coaching questions and take the time to write down your answers. You will be surprised what happens when you write your thoughts down!

What’s one area of your life that you could benefit the most from a change?

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5 Replies

  1. I love your last question about small steps. For me, just getting moving does a ton to get me unstuck. It helps me clarify the larger direction often, and it keeps me from getting paralyzed with analyzing things.

    1. Eric

      The last question is probably my favorite one as well. Most people just need a good push to get started. What little push do you need?

  2. danblackonleadership

    Really good questions to ask our self. Knowing what needs to get done and a clear perspective of my goals is a must when it comes to change. Good post. 

    1. Eric

      Thanks Dan. As you said one of the keys is having a clear perspective. It’s important that we take the time to articulate this in our lives.

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