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One Essential Ingredient to Accomplishing More!

What is the essential ingredient to accomplishing more in your life? I would suggest to you that you must be “hard headed.” Has anyone ever called you “hard-headed?” Would you consider yourself a determined person? As leaders we must have a determination in our lives to accomplish anything of significance.

Do you have the determination?

Vince Lombardi once said, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of determination.”We can look to the Bible for many determined people but in my humble opinion one person stands out the most. In Luke 9:51 it says, “As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.”

In this text of Scripture we see a glimpse of the determination that Jesus had to fulfill his destiny. Jesus knew what waited for him in Jerusalem. Even though death waited for him in Jerusalem Jesus had made up his mind to follow his destiny. In the Greek text of Scripture the word “resolutely” means to set one’s face like flint. In other words, Jesus had made up his mind that he would do the will of the Father and reach his destiny. For Jesus there was no “Plan B”. It was all or nothing for him. As leaders we need to have this same type of determination in our lives to make our mark for the Kingdom.

When I was growing up my father would frequently tell me, “Boy, you are hard headed!” He often said this because when I was younger when I got an idea in my head and I wanted to do it then I would go and do it regardless of the consequences. When my mind was made up about something you could not tell me otherwise because my mind was made up. I think our Heavenly Father wants us to be hard headed about some things in our lives. He wants us to fulfill his plan for us. He wants us to be hard headed about fulfilling our destinies. He wants us to go after our dreams. Let me ask you a few questions to help get you started dreaming again.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What’s one thing in your life that you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  2. What are you not doing in your life that God has told you to do?
  3. Where in your life have you gotten off track that you need to get things turned around?
  4. What areas of your life do you need to become more “resolute” or “hard headed” in?

Action Steps: Don’t stop with the questions but take action!

  1. Take the time to write down at least one goal in your life that would bring immediate change or more satisfaction in your life.
  2. With the goal in mind, convert it to a SMART goal. A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.
  3. Once you have a goal break it down into small specific action steps. Don’t worry about achieving greatness overnight!
  4. Assign these small actions steps realistic due dates on your calendar and give yourself reminders.
  5. Find someone to help you to be accountable to your goal. Remember the phrase, “two strands are not easily broken.”
  6. Start immediately towards your goal.

The important thing is that you start somewhere and do something. Most people never start anything new or difficult because they worry about being wrong or not being perfect. Get it out of your mind that you don’t have to be perfect. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are your dreams. Give yourself permission to dream and start something new!

Question: What spoke to you the most in this post? Where will you start applying this in your life today? Please leave a comment below!

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2 Replies

  1. Eric,
    This was an awesome post.
    I was just thinking a few days ago about what I would do if I couldn’t fail. It’s a very revealing question, and often shows us where our hearts are.
    So often the enemy discourages us and we just have to keep going and going. Great thoughts!

    1. Eric

      You’re right that it often reveals our hearts. I think we often find it is easier to make excuses why we can’t do something rather than take action. Making excuses costs less, requires less, and it keeps us safe. I plan on writing a post about this soon. I hope it helps to open our eyes to where we need to start looking at our opportunities and not our problems.

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