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How To Start A Peer Mentor Group

This is part two of a previous post that discussed the Benefits of Belonging To A Group. As we’ve discussed earlier there are several benefits of belonging to a group. While most people know that it’s beneficial, they often don’t know where to get started or what to do.

The hardest part of starting a peer mentoring group is finding the right people and getting up the courage to ask them. The key to getting a “yes” is to have a plan in place. Very few leaders like to fly by the seat of their pants. It’s easier to get a “yes” from someone when you have a plan in place for them.

In this post we will discuss some ideas to get you started and what to watch out for along the way.

You have to get some things right before you get started:

Right People: Identify people that you admire or aspire to be like. They don’t have to be in the same career field as you as long as you can learn and grow from one another.

Right Place: Find a place to meet that is easily accessible for everyone in the group. We meet at a local restaurant for breakfast. I drive further to meet the guys in my group because their schedules aren’t as flexible as mine. I wanted to make it easier for them to meet.

Right Time: We decided to meet every other Tuesday for breakfast at 7am at the same restaurant. Be consistent in your meeting time. We meet every two weeks for breakfast at the same time and the same restaurant. By being consistent you eliminate confusion and don’t leave something to chance. The reason me meet for breakfast is because it’s the one time in our day that’s not chaotic!

Right Purpose: We meet to share prayer needs with one another, discuss books and to encourage one another toward our personal goals.

Things to remember to keep in mind before you get started:

Remember to look for peers that you can be honest with and that you don’t feel like you have to impress. I meet with a doctor and a vice-president of a bank. I’m a pastor, so I know I can’t keep up with them in some areas of my life. I still fight the urge to try and impress them but they admire me for who I am and what I do, not for what I have.

Remember to look for people that have strengths that you do not. Both of the guys that I meet with have a strong background in business and in professional networking. Their insights have proved invaluable in my life and have really taught me a lot in many areas of my life.

Remember to look for people with similar values. Both of the guys that I meet with place a strong value on their families and their faith. We talk a lot about these issues in our lives. We may not agree on minor things but we do agree on the major things in life.

Remember to be yourself. It’s easier to try and be someone that you’re not in order to impress others. The important thing is that God created you the way he wanted you. You may not be like everyone else but there are people around you who need what you have in your life. Never discount your experiences in life or your heartaches. People need to hear your story. Your life really matters!

Question: Are you in a group? Will you take the challenge to start a peer mentor group?

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