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The 5 Lies Many Parents Believe

It’s easy to get caught up into believing something that’s not true. In fact, the more we are told something the more we believe it’s true.

truth-257159_640Many of us struggle with trying to be the perfect parent. It’s even more of a struggle if you’re a single parent or if you grew up in a dysfunctional home environment. It’s easy in our zeal to be a perfect parent to buy into the lies that our culture feeds us. At the end of the day we must base our parenting on the truth of the Word of God and on what we know to be true. Here’s a list of 5 lies that we can fall into believing. I know there are more, but here’s what I came up with:

Lie #1: If I had more money I could be a better parent.

Truth: Children don’t need more of your money. They need more of you.

Lie #2: Disciplining my children is going to hurt them in life.

Truth: Discipline will keep them from getting hurt in life.

Lie #3: If I could just be the perfect parent my children would turn out better.

Truth: Adam and Eve had the perfect parent and the perfect environment, yet they still made bad decisions.

Lie #4: If my children fail it could hurt their self-image.

Truth: Some of the greatest life lessons are learned through failure.

Lie #5:  I need to make sure everything is fair for my children.

Truth: Life is not fair. The sooner they learn this the better off they’ll be.

It’s easy to believe these lies. I think most of these are the results of parents’ earnest desires to be good parents and to give their children what they may not have had while growing up.

Question: What do you think about these?

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