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Lessons I Taught My Daughter While Destroying Her In Candy Land

Recently, I sat down with my children to play a game of Candy Land. It’s a great board game for young children to play because there’s no strategy involved. Everything rests upon what card you draw. For the most part, it’s a fair game between a three year old and a twelve year old.

Photo by NathanReed

Photo by NathanReed

My three year old son wanted to play the game, while my twelve year old daughter did not. She was much too old and mature to play a childish game such as this one. (Yes, that last sentence was dripping with sarcasm!)

In any case, I told my daughter we would play this game with him and then we would let her choose a game to play. That was about as fair as I knew to be.

She didn’t like the idea and she played with a bad attitude. In fact, she got upset when my son and I drew really good cards and ended up ahead of her. We were so far ahead I knew she didn’t have a chance of winning. When this started happening she began to get frustrated and said she didn’t want to play anymore. I took this as a teaching moment.

I taught my oldest daughter a few lessons during this game:

  • It’s not always about you.
  • You don’t have to always go first. (According to the game directions the youngest player goes first!)
  • Relationships are more important than tasks.
  • Quality time is more important than winning.
  • If you finish the race by yourself, you still lose.
  • The journey is just as important as the destination.
  • Take the time to have fun.

I could come up with a few more, but these were some of the lessons I tried teaching her. My son just wanted to play a game and spend time with his daddy. It’s amazing how much we can learn from little ones if we’ll stop and pay attention.

Question: What lessons have your children taught YOU lately?

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