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How To Raise A Boy To Be A Man (A Great Resource for Moms)

This week a new platform was launched for mothers who are raising sons. It’s a platform built with the mother in mind who wants to raise a boy to be a man. It’s called Raise A It’s full of articles and tools on how to go about doing this in practical ways.

Below is an introductory video clip from a study series they have produced. It’s short, but it packs some good information.

They have also launched a new book that was specifically written for mothers. It’s called, Raise A Man: A Mother’s Guide To Raising Her Son To Be A FivestarMan.

Magazine cover with blank pageIt teaches mothers how to raise a boy to be a man in today’s world. In the book you’ll discover the five purposes of a man that makes a difference in the world:

  • Adventurous
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Gallant
  • Faithful
  • Philanthropic

When your son gains understanding of these five purposes that lie within him, his life will become a passionate pursuit of authentic manhood.

– Neil Kennedy

This book will give you the tools you need to get your son on the right track towards authentic manhood. It’s full of examples, stories and practical examples of how to go about raising a FivestarMan. I would encourage you to subscribe to their FREE email list to get weekly updates and articles.

They are running a launch special right now. When you order the complete set you’ll get a digital copy of the book to send to a friend. This material is very well produced and it’s priced to be affordable for anyone who wants to start this journey. You can get it here: Raise A Man Complete Study Guide

Author’s Note: I’m not an affiliate for this site, so I gain nothing from this personally. I simply believe in the message and what they are trying to accomplish. This world needs strong men who aren’t afraid to lead and aren’t afraid to live a life of significance. It this is the kind of son you want to have, then I would encourage you to check out the Raise A Man site.

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