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5 Surprising Lessons My Children Are Teaching Me About Life

Have you ever thought you can learn as much from your children as they can from you? The more I interact with my children the more I learn from them.

Creative Commons photo by alamosbasement

Creative Commons photo by alamosbasement

The other day I was playing with my children and they taught me a few lessons in the process. No, it wasn’t in a classroom setting, but it was in our backyard.

Here’s what my children are teaching me about life:

  1. Don’t forget to have fun. It’s easy when we become adults to get caught up with tasks and forget to have fun in the process. Don’t take yourself too seriously, your children probably don’t.
  2. People matter more than tasks. The other day my son wanted to go to work with me. He’s three years old and not exactly at the best age to take on hospital visits. While I couldn’t take him to the hospital I did strap him in my car and took him for a ride around the block. When we returned home he was good to go because he had the opportunity to ride with his daddy for a few minutes.
  3. It’s OK to make a mess. Last week my son went outside to play and he found his sandbox. The sand was wet because of all the recent rain. When he was done playing and ready to come inside I looked up and he was covered from head to toe in sand. He was a mess to say the least. I caught myself getting frustrated because of his mess. I knew it would take some time to get him cleaned up, but when I saw his face he had the biggest smile. He had so much fun in the process that he didn’t pay attention to how messy he got. Messes can make the best memories. Don’t be afraid to make a mess.
  4. It’s OK to color outside the lines. We are taught all through school to stay inside the lines. While it’s good for hand and eye coordination, it’s not good when you’re old and afraid to try something new or afraid to make a mistake. Try something new with your children.
  5. It’s OK to NOT be perfect. Sometimes you’re going to make a mistake. My son did something for the first time last week. To my knowledge, he’s never saw anyone else do this. He stood on our back porch and peed off of our patio. This wouldn’t be a big deal if we didn’t live in the city limits and on a very busy street. Cars constantly drive by our house all day. He was proud of himself for peeing without mom and dad. I looked outside just in time to see two little white butt cheeks staring back at me. By the time I got out there he was done. His response was, “Look Daddy! I peed!” I tried to keep from laughing and I encouraged him to try using the bathroom next time.

 Question: What’s a good lesson your child taught you?

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