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4 Key Steps To Deal With Change

We have seen a lot of changes in the past few years. Much of it has been for good but much of it has not. Our world is changing faster than we can keep up with it. Whether we like it or not our lives and society is changing faster and faster as the days go by on our calendar. We have two choices to make when dealing with change: enjoy the ride or go kicking and screaming.

I began to think about this idea recently because I went through a major change in my life. My wife and I already had two children who were ages 9 and 6 and we just added our third child. (yes, I do know what caused it!) At the time of this writing he is two months old. If you do the math that is a decent age gap between our children. I’ll be honest and admit that in the first few weeks I was having a hard time adjusting to this change. It had been a while since we had a baby in the house. It was like starting over. There’s been crying and sleepless nights and that’s just from me! (Just kidding!) We’ve had dirty diapers and more spit ups than we can count. He’s even managed to mark me once or twice!

I was enjoying this season but I realized quickly that I needed to make some adjustments in my life so that I could enjoy this season even more. I learned a few things in this process of change. Here are a few lessons that I learned:

1. Realize that you can’t go back, so quit trying. I kept wanting to go back to my old routines and finally I realized that it’s not going to happen. A side benefit is that I kept waking up earlier and couldn’t go back to sleep. I often use this early time to go to the gym before work.

2. Find the “new normal” in your life. When you are faced with change it is important to identify the new practices and routines. I didn’t like the change in some areas of my life but on the other hand, I have benefited exponentially in other areas.

3. Have fun and embrace the change. It’s important to look for the good things amidst all the change. I began to look for the positive things in this process of change. I realized that my two older girls were very excited to help us with this new baby. I also realized that this new baby had a distinct personality of his own and that he was different from his sisters. By adding another male to the house I have shifted the balance of power!

4. Get over yourself! At one point I was complaining about all of the changes and the Holy Spirit quickly spoke to me and asked, “Do you think you’re the only one that had to go through this?” I quickly realized that I was complaining for nothing and that there are people out there who have it worse than me or would love to be in my shoes. I was quickly slapped back to reality!

What changes are you facing in your life? What could you do to make the transition easier for you?

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6 Replies

  1. Ha, I love point #4. Even our worst problems probably pale in comparison to things that people are dealing with elsewhere in the world.
    I also like tip #1. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves  a big reality check.

    1. Eric

      You are right. Sometimes all we need is a little perspective. It tends to go a long way!

  2. I think number 2 is so important. Something myself and wife are doing right now with our new baby boy. He is our first child so we are getting use to all of the changes. Good thoughts today.

    1. Eric

      I would agree with you as well. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for this reality to set in for us. It’s a challenge but it makes us grow.

  3. Love this post, Eric!  Everyone can relate to this, parent or not.  Or soon to be parent.  =)

    1. Eric

      Thanks Joel. It’s definitely a work in progress. I hope you’re implying that you’re going to be a father! If so, congratulations!

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