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Four Right Questions Risk Takers Ask

Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? I don’t mean the type that jumps out of a perfectly good airplane or goes cliff jumping. I mean the type who takes calculated risks in their businesses, ministries or professional life. A risk-taker is one who acts on a thought or idea with the possibility of loss or […]

One Essential Ingredient to Accomplishing More!

What is the essential ingredient to accomplishing more in your life? I would suggest to you that you must be “hard headed.” Has anyone ever called you “hard-headed?” Would you consider yourself a determined person? As leaders we must have a determination in our lives to accomplish anything of significance. Vince Lombardi once said, “The […]

Three Qualities of Stand Out Leaders

Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to do well no matter what environment they lead in? What qualities make them stand out from the crowd? If you’re going to have enduring leadership you need to have three essential qualities in your life. If you don’t have these you can still get them. […]

Ten Signs You Know the Recession is Affecting Your Church

I’ve never actually seen these but you have to admit they would be funny! Let’s start with #10 and count them down!

Three Lessons from Jesus and Fishing!

Have you ever watched one of those fishing shows? You know, the kind where the two guys are out in the boat catching fish left and right. What separates a good fishermen from a mediocre one? With this in mind, do you also wonder why some ministries or some people seem to see the miraculous […]

Ten Phrases A Staff Member Should Never Say To Their Senior Pastor

For the record, I’ve never said any of these but I still don’t think it would be wise! Let’s start with number 10 and count down!

Do you crack easily under pressure?

It’s easy to crack under pressure when we are facing a crowd. It’s especially easy if we tend to be people pleasers. If we are honest with ourselves we hate the thought of those words and the images it conjures up in our minds. I was reading in my devotional time the other day and […]

Top 10 Signs Your Church Might Be In Trouble

10. Your congregation actually thinks Moses built the ark. 9. People in your congregation can’t find Genesis in their Bibles. 8. People in your congregation think that John 3:16 is a zip code. 7. Your Sunday School is no longer on Sunday. 6. People in your church think the phrase “Christian Education” is an oxymoron. […]

My Reason for Blogging!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Eric Speir and I am the head mastermind of this blog. (For that matter, I am the only one!) I am a pastor and educator by profession. I’m also a trained life coach who uses biblical principles, practical wisdom and encouragement to help others to lead more effectively […]