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One Surefire Way To Teach Your Children About Saving and Spending

My children are very different from one another. My oldest daughter loves to shop and spend money, while my younger daughter is a saver. In fact, she’s three years younger than her sister and has managed to save three times the amount of money. While they’re both different from one another, there’s one thing they […]

Lessons I Learned Raising Girls

Mother. Mom. Mommy. Stepmom. Father. Dad. Daddy. Stepdad. These words give us permission to speak into the lives of our children. Raising girls is no easy task and differs from raising boys. I have failed, on many occasions, at being the perfect mom with all the perfect solutions; however, I have learned a few things […]

Why Perspective Matters In Your Life

We look at life through the lenses of our worldview. Everyone’s lenses are different based upon what their worldview is. This means perspective is important. We can either look at life and work as an opportunity or as an obligation. You can either view it as a “have to” or a “get to.” Obligation says… […]

7 Lessons I Would Teach The Younger Me

Have you ever wished you had known something sooner in life? I wouldn’t want to go back to my younger years, but I wish I understood some life lessons a lot sooner. I’m not sure if I would have listened, but I would have at least tried. Here’s some advice I would tell the younger […]

The One Word We’ve Banned In Our House

My wife and I have effectively banned one word in our house. No, it’s probably not what you’re thinking. It’s not a curse word, but it’s close. The one word we’ve banned is… FAIR If you have children you’ve probably heard the phrases, “That’s not fair!” or “It’s not fair!” The reason we’ve banned this […]

5 Surprising Lessons My Children Are Teaching Me About Life

Have you ever thought you can learn as much from your children as they can from you? The more I interact with my children the more I learn from them. The other day I was playing with my children and they taught me a few lessons in the process. No, it wasn’t in a classroom […]

The Difference Between Actors and True Disciples

Suddenly, Hollywood has an infatuation with the Bible. Over the past few years it’s produced a variety of movies including Exodus, Noah, and the A.D. series. Many actors have portrayed followers of God, but they weren’t true disciples. They were only actors playing a part. Unfortunately, the church has produced more actors than true disciples. […]

How To Raise A Boy To Be A Man (A Great Resource for Moms)

This week a new platform was launched for mothers who are raising sons. It’s a platform built with the mother in mind who wants to raise a boy to be a man. It’s called Raise A It’s full of articles and tools on how to go about doing this in practical ways. Below is […]

Why God Is Taking His Time To Answer Your Prayers

This week I had the opportunity to write a guest post for It’s a website devoted to helping people develop a strong faith and strong families. There are a lot of great articles over there on a variety of topics including: marriage, parenting, growth, faith, health, money and family. It’s about a 500 word […]

Lessons They Didn’t Teach Me In Bible College

I received a great education while in Bible college. I had the privilege of sitting under some great professors and seasoned leaders. I would not have traded that time for the world. While college gave me the knowledge I would need to be successful, it still couldn’t have prepared me enough. Education is no substitute […]