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My Reason for Blogging!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Eric Speir and I am the head mastermind of this blog. (For that matter, I am the only one!) I am a pastor and educator by profession. I’m also a trained life coach who uses biblical principles, practical wisdom and encouragement to help others to lead more effectively in every area of their life. I’m a happily married man to one wife and we have two and a half kids (I have a third on the way). Finally, I am unashamedly a Christ follower.

Welcome to my blog!

You’re probably wondering, “What’s so different about your blog?” I’m glad you have asked! I’m blogging because I meet so many people in life who are stuck and simply getting by. From what I can read from Scripture this is not the kind of life we are to have. I think we were made for more than this. This blog is to help you lead more effectively in every area of your life. My life mission is to empower and equip others to thrive in life and to fulfill their God-given destiny. I believe that everyone has a God-given destiny and dream for their life. My part of the story is to empower and encourage others to thrive while fulfilling theirs.Another reason I am writing this blog is because I am tired of seeing so many leaders who have charisma but no character. It’s time for us as leaders to step up our game on this. I think we can lead more effectively if we lead from a Biblical worldview. In my blog I will be referring to the Book quite often! In the past few years and especially in the past few months we are seeing more and more leaders in the church, government and marketplace who are being sidetracked because they never took the time to develop their character. It is my desire to help leaders to develop not only their leadership skills but their character as well.

I will be covering a variety of topics as they relate to life. The main topics that I will be covering are as follows:

· Leadership

· Personal Development

· Devotionals

· Spiritual Formation

· Funny Stuff

These are some of my main areas of interest but occasionally I will branch off into talking about other topics such as ministry, personal finances and wherever my mind tends to wander.

My goal is to write practical and relevant content that you can use in your personal and professional life. I plan on posting about three times a week.

I would like for you to take the journey with me. To be sure that you do not miss anything you can subscribe by RSS or email or follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Please feel free to leave comments in the Comment section of this blog. If there is something that you want to hear more of then please let me know. Also, if at some point you disagree then you can comment as well as long as you say it the right way!

Please Note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive, derogatory or off-topic. If in doubt, read My Comments Policy.

Come on, let’s get going and get growing!

About Eric

I'm a pastor, writer and serial encourager. I like to help people to grow in their relationship with God. I live outside of Atlanta, GA. I've written a book, Stubborn Faith: 30 Day Devotional Guide For New Growth. It's available for download on Amazon. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @ericspeir

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7 Replies

  1. Great blog! I will be following you!

    1. Eric

      Thanks! I appreciate the follow. I pray it helps people.


  2. chuck rawdin

    Who would have thought when we were growing up that not one but two of the group from Pomona would go on to be pastors. I like the BLOG. Keep up the good work. Still can’t get used to the “Eric” though.

    1. Eric

      It’s surprising myself at times. Who would have thought I would be where I’m at today? Thanks for the encouragement on the blog. If you know someone who might be interested in reading it then pass the word along. It’s still a work in progress but I’m enjoying it. You’re not the only one who can’t get used to “Eric.”

  3. Looking forward to reading your blog and connecting with you. I also have a passion for leadership and personal growth.

    1. Eric

      Thanks for connecting with me! I look forward to connecting with you and learning from one another.


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