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Lessons From Proverbs: The Easiest Way To Build Wealth

Most people don’t earn as much money as they would like or think they deserve. In fact, if we were paid as much as we think we are worth then we would probably all be millionaires! Most of us can’t control how much we make but we can learn how to manage what we have better.

The book of Proverbs offers some great financial advice and some great lessons.  Proverbs 21:20, “In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has.”

Simply put: Don’t use up your reserves!

The problem with our economy right now is that our government and its people have lived above its means for too long. We never took the time to save money. We always used the excuse that we will start tomorrow.

Everyone should have a system for saving money. After tithing 10% we are left with 90% to do what we want with it. It’s crucial that we have a budget to manage our money and to have a financial plan. How do you plan on saving more money? Remember that if we fail to plan then we plan to fail!

What other financial advice would you offer families?

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4 Replies

  1. My advice would be to make saving, investing, and getting out of debt a priority. It can’t be done from your left-overs after you’ve paid for what you think are your living expenses. It has to be a priority or else it won’t get done.

    1. Eric

      You’re right Loren. It can’t be an afterthought in our lives. It must be something that we plan for because if not it won’t become a priority to us.

  2. I’m lucky. My wife worked for Dave Ramsey and many of our close friends still do. As a result, we’re doing well with money. But we didn’t always as single people. We applied Dave’s teaching and are now winning. Budgeting and saving were nice and fun at first when we saw the results, but I don’t think that’s enough. There has to be a why. Why should I budget? Why should I save? For my wife and I, it’s knowing we will have the ability to change lives. Broke people can’t do that, at least not for the good. So, the advice I offer to anyone who gives financial advice is to start with why.

    1. Eric

      Dave Ramsey is one of the guys that I follow. I look his approach to finances and his outlook on things. It’s a great point to have the why answered correctly. Many people’s “why” has the wrong answer and they end up just chasing after things.

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