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The Upside To Failing And How To Grow From It

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We can’t choose if we fail at something or not. Sometimes we aren’t picked or we are rejected by someone. The only choice we have is where we land. I recently made that choice. I chose to fail forward.

A month ago I was rejected by a publishing company for a book I’m writing. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t disappointed, especially after the editor spoke so highly of my writing. The rejection and feeling of failure stung for a few days. I honestly wanted to quit and give up.

I couldn’t bring myself to quit. I had to make a choice to view my situation differently. I had to look for the silver lining in this situation.

Here’s the upside to my failure:

The upside is that I have a completed book proposal that I can submit somewhere else.

I got my first rejection out of the way. Everyone fails or gets rejected sometime. Since I now know what it feels like I can keep going. It’s painful, but not enough to make me want to quit chasing my dream.

It’s my choice whether I fail forward or backwards. I can’t control how someone treats me, but I can control what side I land on.

Question: How can you fail forward in your life?

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I'm a pastor, writer and serial encourager. I like to help people to grow in their relationship with God. I live outside of Atlanta, GA. I've written a book, Stubborn Faith: 30 Day Devotional Guide For New Growth. It's available for download on Amazon. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @ericspeir

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3 Replies

  1. Roshelle

    I’m proud of you!

  2. Great reminder! I too as an author know the pain of rejection. But it eventually became success as I learned to polish my proposal. With persistence and learning now I’ve got my first book being released soon. Really excited by what I had learned in the process of failure.

    1. Eric

      Thanks for the encouragement. It’s certainly painful, but it does get easier.

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