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Lessons They Didn’t Teach Me In Bible College

I received a great education while in Bible college. I had the privilege of sitting under some great professors and seasoned leaders. I would not have traded that time for the world.

Creative Commons photo by wohnai

Creative Commons photo by wohnai

While college gave me the knowledge I would need to be successful, it still couldn’t have prepared me enough.

Education is no substitute for real world experience. There’s some life lessons you can only learn in the field. In hindsight, I was probably too idealistic and naive regarding ministry. OK, I admit it. I was definitely naive about ministry!

I had visions of grandeur and little blue birds dancing around my every thought. Just kidding. The part about dancing blue birds was a stretch, but the grandeur part was true.

Years later, I can remember thinking to myself, “This wasn’t in the book!” or “Why didn’t someone warn me about this?”

Since graduating from college I’ve had the privilege of serving some great leaders. It has afforded me the opportunity to learn some lessons in ministry that I couldn’t have learned while in college.

Some of these great lessons are:

  • Sometimes good Christians make bad decisions.
  • Personal responsibility is the first step toward recovery.
  • Even great leaders sometimes make mistakes.
  • Occasionally everyone is going to have a bad day.
  • Sin is the issue, not people.
  • Hurting people hurt others.
  • Everyone has baggage.
  • God likes to surprise me.
  • Prayer is the great equalizer.
  • You’ll often want to quit and do something easier.
  • You don’t do ministry for the money. (No brainer, right?)
  • You never know how you might change someone’s life.
  • Never underestimate the influence you have with people.
  • Don’t react too quickly to everything you hear.
  • Sometimes you just need to sleep on it.
  • Some people won’t change, learn to work around them.
  • You can’t pray too much.
  • You can’t earn God’s love. (Thankfully!)
  • Most people won’t understand your calling.
  • Most people aren’t as spiritual as they think they are.
  • Sometimes good people suffer and there’s no explanation for it.
  • Generosity always wins.
  • Learn to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Coffee makes any day better.

These are just some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years.

Question: What are some life lessons you’ve learned?

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