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An Interview With Jeff Goins About Writing

Recently, I had the chance to ask Jeff Goins a few questions regarding writing and publishing a book. Jeff is a writer, blogger, and writing coach. I’ve been following his blog for a few months and I can honestly say he has helped me to become a better writer. In fact, I’ve been published in a couple of leading websites and blogs because of what I’ve learned from him. If you don’t already follow him, then I would encourage you to get on the ball!

Jeff’s most recent book, Wrecked, is about living a life that you’re afraid to live, but always wanted to. I would encourage you to buy a copy of the book as it offers a refreshing look on living for something bigger than yourself. You can purchase a copy here. (No, I’m not an affiliate, I’m just a believer!)

In a recent interview I asked him a series of questions and you can read the transcript below:

Question: What inspired you to write the book, Wrecked?

Answer: I was inspired by the lives of countless people who are living a larger story — one that is about more than just themselves. I wrote Wrecked, because it needed to be written. I couldn’t find a book out there that talked about hard parts of living a more compassionate life. So I wrote one.

Question: How do you know when to keep pushing for something to happen or waiting on God to make it happen?

Answer: Great question. I’m not sure you always do. I think you do the usual stuff: pray, talk to wise friends, etc. But sometimes you just have to step out in faith. And sometimes, you fail. I don’t think God is displeased with our failure, but I know he’s displeased with our inaction.

Question: If you had to start over again today what would you do different with your blog and writing?

Answer: Not much. I’m proud of the resource I built there. I think I would’ve tried writing and selling an eBook sooner and probably spent more time writing about more diverse topics (other than writing/blogging).

Question: What’s the best way to connect with someone who is doing what you hope to do one day?

Answer: Offer to do the person a favor. Reach out, try to meet him/her in person, and find a way to serve.

Question: What do you do to stay focused on your dream of writing?

Answer: I write. There are a lot of people who have a lot of dreams and never act of them. I know people who want to be writers and aren’t writing. I don’t want to be like that. I want to be doing my dream now, in as much as I have control over it.

Question: How do you involve your wife/family in the process of writing/chasing your dreams?

Answer: I do the one thing I’m afraid to do: I talk about it. I share my dream with my wife. I talk to her about things I’m excited and afraid about. Even when she doesn’t understand, she’s interested. And you would think that would make it easier to share, but it doesn’t. I still have this weird apprehension to talk to her about it — and I do my best work through that every day.

Question: What’s the best advice you ever received about writing?

Answer: “You are a writer; you just need to write.”

Closing Thoughts:

Jeff is a regular guy who happens to know what it takes to get published and to become a great writer. He shares much of what he has learned on his blog and has several great tools to help you on his blog such as a Writing Studio for beginning writers and an 8 week online writing course called Tribe Writers for those wishing to do something more extensive. (No, I’m not an affiliate. He just has good stuff!) I’m currently in the Tribe Writers course and the insights gleaned from his years of writing is worth every dime I paid. If you want to be a better writer, then find someone who can make you better!

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  1. “I don’t think God is displeased with our failure, but I know he’s displeased with our inaction.”
    That’s pretty insightful.

    1. Eric

      That’s probably my favorite quote as well. I’ll probably be chewing on that one for a while.

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