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A Free Book And Why Great Leadership Really Matters

I believe in great leadership. I’m currently reading the book, EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey. It is a practical and relevant book on leadership and business. The principles taught in this book are easily transferable to any place of leadership that you might find yourself leading in. At the end of this post, I will explain how you could get a FREE copy of this book.

In the age in which we live we need great leadership now more than ever. I’m not talking about the kind of leadership that we see publicized on TV between political parties. I’m talking about the kind of leadership that has been somewhere and knows how to take people on the journey with them.

Fitting in is overrated!

I’ve really been blessed to serve under some great leaders. I currently serve under a strong leader who has grown our church from 400 people to over 4200 in weekly attendance. In the process I have learned many things from his life and from the lives of other leaders that I have had the privilege to glean from.  I’ve learned that there are many people who call themselves leaders but there are few great leaders out there. I’ve also learned some things that great leaders instinctively know. I’m not by any means implying that I’m a great leader but here is what I’ve learned from a few of them:

  • It matters who is on your team. The wrong people on your team will cripple your efforts.
  • There are no shortcuts to success in life but anything of significance is achieved by hard work!
  • It is important that you keep growing. My pastor tries to read one book a week (Yes, that’s 52 books a year!)
  • People are your greatest resource, not money. People matter!
  • Great leaders are risk takers and choose to be different from those around them.
  • Scars are just proof that you’ve been through something and lived to tell about it. (Jesus still has scars!)
  • Integrity matters. (Didn’t think I would leave that one out did you?)
  • You only get what you plan for. Leaders don’t wait for their ship to come in, they build their own!
  • You’re never too successful or busy to be a servant leader.
  • Without God in our lives we can’t accomplish anything of significance or worth eternal value.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list but these are some principles to think about. In fact, by doing these things it would automatically put you ahead of about 80% of the leaders that you come into contact with on a daily basis.

In order to encourage you to be a great leader I am giving away two copies of Dave Ramsey’s newest book, EntreLeadership. In order to get a chance at getting one of these, you must take the following three actions.

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On Monday, October 17, 2011, I will select two people based solely on my arbitrary and subjective evaluation of their comments. If you are one of those selected, I will notify you via email. If you don’t hear from me, you can assume that I picked someone else.

Question: What principles would you add to the list on my post?

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I'm a pastor, writer and serial encourager. I like to help people to grow in their relationship with God. I live outside of Atlanta, GA. I've written a book, Stubborn Faith: 30 Day Devotional Guide For New Growth. It's available for download on Amazon. Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @ericspeir

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10 Replies

  1. Alicia Mullins

    I would add prioritization.

    I found your website while doing a search for a “free book on leadership”. So glad it led me to your page. My current position requires that we take a web based class or read a book on leadership/management every quarter…so here I am.

    Have a blessed day!!!
    San Angelo, TX

    1. Eric

      I’m glad you found it. It is important to learn to prioritize our time wisely. If not, we end up doing things that are not of great important or that have little return on our efforts.

  2. Great post, Eric. I’d add: 1. Surround yourself with strong advisors. 2. Take care in your communication. I already have 2 copies of the book so I won’t participate in the contest but I gladly retweeted your tweet with a link to this post.

    1. Eric

      Thanks Joel! Those are some good suggestions as well. I have a hard time with communicating enough with my team. In some cases I assume they already know what I know but other times I just don’t communicate enough.

  3. Joshua Stowers

    Hey Pastor Eric, although I think this could fall under integrity I would add, reflection of your motives. Proverbs 16:26 says “The person who labors, labors for himself, For his hungry mouth drives him on.”. I think in leadership we need to ask why am I doing the things am doing. Is it my hearts desire or have I got stuck in my rhythm or routine that the things I do are no longer for the gift that God has placed in my heart but is it for the expectation of men. This verse says that what you work for is the very thing that is feeding you. Are you being feed by the things you do? Does it fulfill you?satisfy you? Does make you feel like you have a purpose? Many pastors have recently step down from mega churches. I wonder if one of the reasons for these occurring circumstances is that we have forgotten the reason we started to do what we do. Because we wanted too.Yes we have to push on through hard times but it takes time for weariness to grow. If you are constantly reflecting your motives you can prevent those seeds from sprouting.

    1. Eric

      That’s a good point to make. Integrity and motive checking is a key component in leadership. That’s why it is important to stop and reflect in the process of growing in our lives. Many leader don’t take the time to do this and they run from place to place without ever slowing down to think and reflect.

  4. The things you have mentioned are key ones, it blew me away that your pastor reads a book a week. I try and read 2-3 books a month.

    I would add the importance becoming a better communicator. This is one of the most important parts about leading. A leader needs to be able to clearly communicate vision, values, and purpose of your organization. No matter your current ability as a communicator we all can and should become better in this area.

    1. Eric

      I try to read a few books a month as well. I would agree that being a better communicator as well. I think most leaders think they communicate enough but I don’t think most of them do, including myself. I think we assume that everyone knows what we know. I definitely struggle with this area.

  5. Great points. I especially like the idea that nothing of value was ever achieved except through hard work. Life is a marathon, not a sprint!

    1. Eric

      It’s hard to view life as a marathon and not a spring because we like things that move fast. We tend to be impatient people so we always look for ways to avoid the hard work but we still want the results. It’s like the old idea of “Easy Weightloss!” That’s not really a true statement!

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