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10 Books Every Father Should Read

In a few days it will be Father’s Day. During this time I’m always challenged to become a better father and husband. One of the best ways to do this is to learn from the successes and failures of others. This is best achieved by reading. I’m an avid reader and have a book list for every year. With this in mind, I was thinking about some of the best books that have helped me.

Many of these books are geared towards men, but many I think everyone should read. In any case, here is the list:

  1. The Circle Maker – Mark Batterson
  2. Praying Circles Around Your Children – Mark Batterson (I actually share a personal story in this book! It’s worth every cent!)
  3. Wild At Heart – John Eldredge (This is an old book, but it changed my life!)
  4. Spiritual Leadership – Henry & Richard Blackaby
  5. The Search For Significance – Robert S. McGee
  6. Four Pillars Of A Man’s Heart – Stu Weber
  7. Draw The Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge – Mark Batterson
  8. Tough Guys & Drama Queens – Mark Gregston
  9. When Work and Family Collide: Keeping Your Job From Cheating Your Family – Andy Stanley
  10. Every Man’s Battle – Stephen Arterburn & Fred Stoeker

These are some of the books that have really challenged me and helped me to grow as a man. If you haven’t read these, then you should start.

Question: What books would you recommend for a man to read?

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links so any book you buy I will earn a commission to help support my “feed the children fund”!

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    Am so blessed to discover this site. it’s really be a blessing and a motivator.
    Please, i live in Nigeria and wish i could get these all important ten books to read. how do i get them sir?

    1. Eric

      All of these books can be purchased through You simply click on the link for the book and purchase them. Thanks, Eric

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