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Ten Signs You Know the Recession is Affecting Your Church

I’ve never actually seen these but you have to admit they would be funny!

Ten Signs!

Let’s start with #10 and count them down!

10. You catch your maintenance men separating the two-ply bathroom tissue.
9. The staff starts to receive IOU’s in their paychecks.
8. You have to take up a second offering because the first one wasn’t enough.
7. You start reusing the communion cups.
6. During craft time on Wednesday night the girls club starts to make imitation Gucci bags to be sold on Ebay.
5. You start charging people a cover charge to fish in your lake. (If your church has a lake!)
4. You have a candlelight service once a month to save on the electric bill.
3. As a fundraiser you auction off the front row parking spots.
2. You secretly convert your Christian school into a sweatshop to compete with Walmart.
1. You start to send out support letters to YOUR missionaries.

What do you think? What would you add to these? Please leave a comment below.

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    1. Eric

      I think #2 & #6 are my favorites! A little exaggerated but still funny!

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