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Ten Phrases A Staff Member Should Never Say To Their Senior Pastor

For the record, I’ve never said any of these but I still don’t think it would be wise!


Let’s start with number 10 and count down!

10. Was that your best sermon?

9. No

8. I will think about it.

7. Were you serious about that?

6. Do I have to?

5. What’s that book that I always see you reading? (Bible)

4. I’m taking Sunday off.

3. That’s not in my job description?

2. Have you put on weight?

1. You’re really serious about this tithing thing aren’t you?

Did you like these? Can you think of any more that you shouldn’t see say to your boss or pastor? Please leave a comment below!

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2 Replies

  1. #2, haha. That would be awkward.
    As far as saying “no,” that can get tricky. I’ve known senior pastors to unknowingly give their workers more than they can handle. The best approach I’ve heard is to tell the pastor “I can do A or B, but not both at this point – which is more important?”

    1. Eric

      Good point to make about saying “no”. It’s often best to redirect the question than to get frustrated. It’s smarter to be honest and upfront with them.

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