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Three Lessons from Jesus and Fishing!

Have you ever watched one of those fishing shows? You know, the kind where the two guys are out in the boat catching fish left and right. What separates a good fishermen from a mediocre one? With this in mind, do you also wonder why some ministries or some people seem to see the miraculous or experience more breakthrough in their lives than others? I think we can find our answer by looking at a fishing story with Jesus. This isn’t just a fishing tale either!

Go fish!

In Luke 5 we see where Jesus calls his first disciples. As the story goes the fishermen had been fishing all night but had caught nothing. These guys were professional fishermen and they had all the tools and experience but still caught nothing all night. I’m sure this was rather frustrating for them. After a bad night of fishing Jesus came along and he asked them to go fishing. I’m sure Peter thought, “What does he know, he’s just an unemployed carpenter!” Something inside of Peter must have compelled him to be obedient to Jesus’ request. It’s interesting that this time Jesus was with them in the same boat, with the same nets and in the same water and yet the catch was miraculous. In fact, they had so much fish that their boats started to sink! How’s that for a fishing trip?What was the difference between a bad fishing day and a miraculous fishing day?

1. Jesus was in their boat. Who’s in your boat? Are you going at life by yourself or is Jesus leading you?

2. The fishermen listened to the Word of God for direction. Do you take the time to listen to Jesus speak to you through the Word? Do you take the time to pray on a daily basis?

3. The fishermen followed Jesus out into the deep water. You have to trust Jesus to follow him out into the deep. You can’t see breakthrough in your life from the bank or in the kiddie pool!

The first time the disciples went fishing they caught nothing but when they listened and obeyed the voice of Jesus they experienced the miraculous. These guys were professionals and had the right tools and experience but they continued to operate in their own abilities and caught nothing. This is where the church and most Christians are right now. If we continue to be professional Christians and operate in the flesh then we will catch nothing. However, if we allow Jesus to guide our boats and be obedient to him then we can see the miraculous in our homes, businesses, schools and dreams.

The lesson that Jesus was trying to teach Peter and the other fishermen was the difference between operating in our abilities and operating in the Spirit. Jesus took the ordinary details and tasks of life and made them miraculous by operating in the Spirit.

What ordinary tasks in your life do you need to invite Jesus into? What did you get from this story?

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2 Replies

  1. Peter was a seasoned fisherman. He was trying his best and still things weren’t working. It’s easy for us to put faith in our own abilities and knowledge. Many would have just laughed off Jesus. Good thing Peter didn’t!

    1. Eric

      You’re right about that. It’s easy to rely on our own abilities when we are “professionals” and perform this task for a living. It’s easy to staying with our routine and never asking Jesus for help.

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