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The One Thing You Need To Know About God’s Promises

I don’t like to wait on things. I used to get really frustrated when things did not change as quickly as I wanted them to. (Okay, I still get frustrated.) In times past I found myself thinking God hadforgotten me or had overlooked my situation.

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Have you ever felt like the Lord had given you a promise, but you had not seen it happen yet? Have you ever gotten off track or made a few bad decisions in your life? During these times it’s easy to think we’ve gone too far or we’ve nullified God’s promises.

The one thing we all need to be reminded of is this:

God’s promises never have an expiration date.

The Bible teaches us this in Isaiah 40:8 when it says,

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.

This means when we’ve exhausted everything and even when the earth is gone the Word of God will still be there.

God’s promises don’t go bad or expire. They don’t grow stale because of a short shelf life. They’re as good today as when they were first spoken into existence.

Have you given up on something the Lord promised you? If so, as long as you don’t give up on the dream, God won’t either.

Keep dreaming and keep fighting!

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  1. thanks brother Eric. just for what i am going through now. so encouraged by this word and will keep on trusting God to help me through.

    1. Eric

      I’m glad to know it helped. Don’t give up on the dream God has placed in your life.

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