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The Key To Unlocking the Doorway to the Presence of God

Do you ever have a hard time praying? If not, good for you. If so, join the club and keep reading.

A few weeks ago I was attempting to pray during my devotional time. Let’s be honest, some days are better than others and on this particular day I wasn’t getting anywhere. After listening to myself for a few minutes I felt like I was just babbling. It felt like my words were hitting the ceiling and raining back down on my head. After a few minutes of getting nowhere I stopped what I was doing to slow things down. When I took the time to simply thank the Lord for just being there I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit settle on me. While sitting there the Holy Spirit reminded of a verse in Psalm 100:4,

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.

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The Holy Spirit taught me a lesson that morning. The lesson was this:

Gratitude is the doorway to the presence of God.

Imagine yourself walking into a throne room to meet a king. How would you enter his presence? Would you walk nonchalantly making demands and asking questions? Probably not. I suspect you would walk in slowly and reverently attempting to show respect and honor. If you knew he had already done so much for you I suspect you would probably start off expressing thankfulness. Entering God’s presence in prayer should be no different. Yes, we are called friends of God, but we should also give honor to whom honor is due. He’s still the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I think sometimes if we aren’t careful we’ll lose our sense of wonder and awe of him.

I need to remind myself of this more. It’s easy to slip into a rut of thinking God owes me something. He doesn’t owe me anything; I owe him everything.

Prayer: Father, help me to remember this. Help me to draw close to you. I know I need you. I need you now more than ever. Help me to walk and live in gratitude. I love you Father.

Question: What can you do to incorporate more gratitude in your life?

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