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The Difference Between Actors and True Disciples

Suddenly, Hollywood has an infatuation with the Bible. Over the past few years it’s produced a variety of movies including Exodus, Noah, and the A.D. series.

Many actors have portrayed followers of God, but they weren’t true disciples. They were only actors playing a part. Unfortunately, the church has produced more actors than true disciples.

Here is what Francis Chan had to say about current discipleship trends in the Church:

11113740_10153284695544416_4009816703217760663_oThere are some distinct differences between actors and disciples. Here are a few of them:

An actor plays the part to make himself famous. A disciple lives to make Jesus famous.

An actor wants what he can get. A disciple wants to give.

An actor is more worried about outward appearances. A disciple is more worried about the heart.

An actor reads a script. A disciple lives the script.

An actor changes the script. A disciple lets the script change them.

Which one are you? Are you an actor or a disciple?

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5 Replies

  1. Great post! Love the analogy.

    1. Eric

      Thanks Janelle!

  2. Jubilee criswell

    Great post Pastor Eric, makes me think of the meaning behind Romans 12:2a “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” I remember my Greek professor explaining the difference between “form” and “substance” -to conform is “act” or be pressed into a visible shape of this world; it’s an external shape like a wax apple as opposed to a real one. To transform “be a disciple” is to have substance; an inward mortgage, Revolution. We cannot act, we must be a disciple!

    1. Eric

      That’s great. It’s really easy to get into a routine of playing the part of a Christian. That’s why we must have a daily encounter with Jesus and the Scriptures to renew and mold us into his image. The “molding” is what hurts the most!

  3. jubilee criswell

    *inward morphae (not mortgage)/autocorrect

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