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One Truth Most People Forget About Prayer

Prayer can be hard work, but waiting for an answer can be taxing to our faith. We live in a fast lane culture and we want everything yesterday. We often get discouraged and give up when we don’t see overnight results. This can be difficult in many areas of our lives whether it be weight loss, financial freedom and especially prayer.

Photo by Smabs Sputzer

Photo by Smabs Sputzer

The issue for most of us is the wait. We often get discouraged and give up too soon. I wonder how many of our prayers have went unanswered because we gave up too soon?

There’s a couple in the New Testament who prayed for years and never received their answer until they thought it was too late. For years Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth had been praying for a child.

But the angel said to him: “Do not be afraid, Zechariah: Your prayer has been heard.” Luke 1:13

If you’re not careful you’ll look over the significance of this statement. This wasn’t a one time prayer that they had prayed. The scripture indicates the reason they did not have any children is because her womb was dead and they were too old to make babies. She was past the time of menopause and this was before Viagra was invented. Sorry, but it’s true. Don’t get mad at me because the Bible said it first!

“But they had not children, because Elizabeth was barren; and they were both well along in years.” Luke 1:7

The good news is that they were prime candidates for a miracle. There’s nothing they could have done in their own strength to make this happen. Sometimes God let’s us exhaust all of our options before he’ll step into the ring.

They had prayed many years for a child. This wasn’t a lay me down to sleep kind of prayer. This was praying for a miracle day in and day out. The great lesson to be learned in all this is that our prayers do not have expiration dates.

Our prayers do not have expiration dates.

They had prayed many years and even though they might have given up; their prayers never expired. Keep praying until you see the answer. Some things just take longer to pray through. Sometimes you have to pray the price until you see the answer.

What prayers do you need to keep praying?

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