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One Reason You Might Feel Secluded

Have you ever felt secluded or isolated in your life? I have on an occasion or two. We try to avoid these times because they make us feel uncomfortable. Seclusion is usually not something we intentionally seek. I suspect it’s not on your “Bucket List” of things to experience one day.

During these times it’s easy to you got off track. If we aren’t careful we’ll assume we did something wrong or something’s wrong with us.

Photo by jam6lime

Photo by jam6lime

Have you ever thought it could be the Lord trying to get your attention? The Lord has a habit of separating people so he can birth something new in their lives.

Luke 1:23-25, “When his time of service was completed, he returned home. After this his wife Elizabeth became pregnant and for five months remained in seclusion. ‘The Lord has done this for me,’ she said. ‘In these days he has shown his favor and taken away my disgrace among the people.'”

In this scripture God was about to birth something new in the lives of Zechariah and Elizabeth. For years they had prayed for a child. After years of tears and praying the Lord finally moved on their behalf. He was about to supernaturally open Elizabeth’s womb to become pregnant. Both Zechariah and Elizabeth were beyond the child bearing years. The Lord wanted to birth something new after all chances in the natural were dead. (Just a thought!)

Elizabeth lived in seclusion for five months before giving birth to John the Baptist. For a season she separated herself from outside influences.

John the Baptist would be the forerunner of Jesus and would be the one to announce his coming. He spent most of his life in the desert until he started preaching publicly. He spent so much time in the desert his choices in attire and cutlery offended many people. To say his ministry would be a big deal would be an understatement.

Before Elizabeth could give birth to something new she had to separate herself for a while. God let Elizabeth live in seclusion for a season because he was birthing something new in her life.

God often does the same to us. There are times we feel alone and isolated. We often think God is far away, but I suggest he’s closer than we think. If you feel alone it just might be the Lord wanting to talk to you. Maybe he’s wanting to do something new but he has to take you out of something old first.

It’s hard to really understand these times in our lives because God often strips away old relationships, mindsets, positions, and ministries before he can give us something new. We often don’t realize we need something new until we’ve lost something old.

Question: Have you ever experienced this in your life?

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