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Do you have a “Tent of Meeting”?

The other day we discussed the idea of having a morning habit of getting up early to meet with God. It was a pretty popular post. If you haven’t read it yet, start there first.

Do you have a regular meeting place with God? No, I don’t mean a literal tent set up in your living room. That would be weird. I mean a regular meeting place to spend time with God.

Image by RMD Observations

Image by RMD Observations

I have one in my living room. It’s a Lazy Boy recliner that’s several years old. I’ve put a lot of miles on it with all the Bible reading and prayer times I’ve had.

Moses had one of these as well. He called it the Tent of Meeting.

Now Moses used to take a tent and pitch it outside the camp some distance away, calling it the “tent of meeting.” Anyone inquiring of the Lord would go to the tent of meeting outside the camp.

Exodus 33:7 (Read the chapter.)

Moses pitched a tent outside the camp called the “Tent of Meeting.” It was a place away from the busyness of the camp where he could meet with God. He pitched it outside the camp because he needed a place to get away. He needed to separate himself from all the distractions. With the task of trying to lead 3 million people Moses was too busy not to pray.

I think Moses pitched this tent because he needed a place to develop his relationship with God. I think he understood his daily habits would be essential to his future success. Moses spent so much time at his meeting place that God would surely miss him if he didn’t show up.

If you didn’t show up to meet with God would he notice?

Do you spend enough time with him?

Moses knew he couldn’t lead without the wisdom and presence of God in his life. He also knew his ability to lead was based on his relationship with God. He was smart enough to know he couldn’t do it by himself.

The Bible tells us God would speak to Moses face to face as a man would speak to a friend. I don’t know about you but that’s the kind of relationship I want with God.

Question: Do you have a place where you regularly meet with God? If not, find your “Tent of Meeting” today!

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