Eric Speir

Thrive In Your Faith and Family


I’ve been a parent now for several years and I’ve learned a few lessons. In fact, I’m going to share three things that I haven’t always done well. I hate to admit it but I’ve probably screwed up more times than not. I guess you can’t have it all: good looks, charm, great sense of […]

The Secret To Achieving Life Goals

Have you ever wondered how some people accomplish more in life than others? I have often asked myself this question but I didn’t have an answer until now. The key to achieving lifetime goals is to constantly work at it. I know that sounds too simple but it’s the truth. The way this is done […]

Questions To Ask Yourself To Get Unstuck!

Are you stuck in one area of your life? Do you ever feel like you’re just digging a hole? Do you wish you could get going in one particular area? If there was one area of your life that you could change what would it be? As a life coach these are questions that I […]

Why God Never Seems To Be In A Hurry

Have you ever asked God why he doesn’t do something immediately for you or all at once? Do you ever want God to do something today and not tomorrow? I think all of us have probably asked these questions or a variation of them. There’s a story in the Old Testament of where God promised […]