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Thrive In Your Faith and Family

Going the Distance!

What keeps you going while enduring pain in your life? Have you ever thought about this before? My pastor has a great quote about pain. He often says, “To the extent that you’re willing to endure pain is to the extent that God can use you.” I think most people would agree that Jesus endured […]

What’s Your Prize?

In the first post in this series we talked about finishing well in life. Later, in the second post we discussed developing perseverance and learning to stay in your own lane. If you have not read these posts yet I would encourage you to start with these as this is the third post in this […]

Lessons for Runners, Cyclists and Christians!

We’ve already talked about the first step that leaders need to know about finishing well. Now we will talk about developing perseverance and staying in our own lane. I’ll admit that I’m not much of a runner but I do consider myself a cyclist! In order to win you have to know how to race! […]

What Leaders Need to Know About Finishing Well

In the next few posts I want to focus on helping leaders to finish well in life. In the day and age that we live no one is guaranteed a good ending, not even pastors. In fact, in the past few years we have seen more high profile ministers, politicians, athletes and stars take the […]

The Key to Overcoming Criticism, Trouble and Setbacks!

Do you ever wonder how some leaders seem to not be bothered by problems as much as others? What have they learned that we haven’t? I think I found the answer and would like to share it with my readers. The Apostle Paul seems to be someone that we could say this about. He was […]

Ten Phrases You Never Want to Hear Your Boss Say!

For the record, I’ve never heard my pastor say any of these, but they would be funny! Let’s start with number 10 and count them down!

Five Steps To Overcome Procrastination

Are you constantly putting tasks on the back burner and procrastinating? The Bible speaks to this issue in James 4:17 when it says, “Remember, it’s a sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” To be honest, I never thought of procrastination in this light. I always thought that it […]

Four Right Questions Risk Takers Ask

Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? I don’t mean the type that jumps out of a perfectly good airplane or goes cliff jumping. I mean the type who takes calculated risks in their businesses, ministries or professional life. A risk-taker is one who acts on a thought or idea with the possibility of loss or […]

One Essential Ingredient to Accomplishing More!

What is the essential ingredient to accomplishing more in your life? I would suggest to you that you must be “hard headed.” Has anyone ever called you “hard-headed?” Would you consider yourself a determined person? As leaders we must have a determination in our lives to accomplish anything of significance. Vince Lombardi once said, “The […]

Three Qualities of Stand Out Leaders

Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to do well no matter what environment they lead in? What qualities make them stand out from the crowd? If you’re going to have enduring leadership you need to have three essential qualities in your life. If you don’t have these you can still get them. […]