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The One Thing Missing From Yearly Goal Setting

Over the past few weeks my inbox has been flooded with emails encouraging me to get fit for the new year and to set new yearly goals. I think goals are important because they help us to stay focused and to accomplish things of importance. Goal setting is important because it is focused around one […]

The Tempation of Envy

Be careful not envy someone else’s success because you don’t know the battles they’ve fought to get there.

Proof That God Knows Your Address

Have you ever felt like God didn’t know your address or where you were at? Have you ever wondered if you’ve made too many mistakes for God to use you or want to help you? If so, you’re in good company. I suspect the Apostle Paul once felt like this. Let me give you the […]

Two Things You Need To Know About Fulfilling Your Dreams And Destiny

There’s a lot out there about fulfilling your dreams and destiny. Authors talk about finding yourself and discovering who you are and etc. While this is interesting and makes for good reading it often leaves out a couple of key points that I wish someone would have told me sooner. I’m an avid Bible reader. […]

Has Your Faith Been Tamed? (Here’s How To Get Out)

The other day my family and I were driving home from a shopping trip. On the way we passed an animal refuge called Noah’s Ark. This animal refuge is surrounded by a chain link fence. The fence is designed to keep the animals in. In essence, it’s meant to contain them or hold them back. […]

7 Reasons Why God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers

Have you ever had a prayer go unanswered? If you’ve been a follower of Christ for any length of time, then you probably have. If you’ve had all your prayers answered, please let me know your secret because I’m obviously missing something! It’s hard to know the reasons why God doesn’t answer all of our […]

Betrayed: How To Move Forward When Others Let You Down

Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow. At some point, we all will face this. The key is how we respond when it happens to us. My pastor, Randy Valimont, just released a new book related to this topic. In the book he cites the example of when Lucifer betrayed the Lord. He also cites […]

The One Thing You Need To Know About God’s Promises

It’s easy to get tired and frustrated when we look at our circumstances. Things may not be changing as quickly as we want them to. It’s easy to think God has forgotten you or his Word has failed you. Have you ever felt like the Lord has given you a promise, but you haven’t seen […]

The Upside To Failing And How To Grow From It

We can’t choose if we fail at something or not. Sometimes we aren’t picked or we are rejected by someone. The only choice we have is where we land. I recently made that choice. I chose to fail forward. A month ago I was rejected by a publishing company for a book I’m writing. I’m […]

One Leadership Lesson We Can Learn From The Best Pitcher Of All Time

Recently, I read an interesting statistic regarding Nolan Ryan. He’s arguably one of the best pitchers of all time. He’s the all-time Major League leader in strikeouts, but he’s also the all-time leader in walks. Did you catch that? He’s the strikeout and walk king. He’s the best at being the best and the best […]