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Don’t Be Too Big To Start Small

Never be too good to start small. A mighty oak tree was once a little nut who refused to give up. If you’re going to do something great you have to not be afraid of being called a nut. Every large corporation or ministry started small somewhere. As I write this I would I guess […]

The One Thing You Need To Know About God’s Promises

I don’t like to wait on things. I used to get really frustrated when things did not change as quickly as I wanted them to. (Okay, I still get frustrated.) In times past I found myself thinking God hadforgotten me or had overlooked my situation. Have you ever felt like the Lord had given you […]

The Affinity Between Piggy Banks & Your Heart

You’re probably wondering what your heart and mouth have to do with piggy banks. Like a piggy bank, your heart can only hold what you’ve deposited into it. Conversely, it will only let you withdraw what you’ve deposited. “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the […]

The Key To Unlocking the Doorway to the Presence of God

Do you ever have a hard time praying? If not, good for you. If so, join the club and keep reading. A few weeks ago I was attempting to pray during my devotional time. Let’s be honest, some days are better than others and on this particular day I wasn’t getting anywhere. After listening to […]

How To Respond When You’re Not The First Pick

Being the first pick is no indication of future success. I’m not a New England Patriots fan, but they are arguably the best NFL football team. (For the record, I’m a Falcons fan.) They have the most successful quarterback in history with Tom Brady winning five Super Bowls. Most people don’t realize it, but Tom […]

Here’s Why It’s Okay To Feel In Over Your Head

There’s a famous poem called, “Footprints in the Sand.” It’s a great poem written by a lady named Mary Stevenson. In the poem she was lamenting to the Lord why there were only one set of footprints seen in the sand when it was the most difficult moments of her life. The Lord replied to […]

You Need To Put Jesus In His Place

I hope this title got your attention. If you’re reading this post, then it worked. Since you’re already reading, follow me for a minute. There’s only one place for Jesus in your life and that’s at the center. There’s no room for substitutes. He’s not your co-pilot; he’s the only pilot. Scripture is pretty clear […]

One Truth Most People Forget About Prayer

Prayer can be hard work, but waiting for an answer can be taxing to our faith. We live in a fast lane culture and we want everything yesterday. We often get discouraged and give up when we don’t see overnight results. This can be difficult in many areas of our lives whether it be weight […]

Footstools, Problems and Miracles

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how big God is. Since we’ve never seen him face-to-face it’s hard to grasp what he’s capable of. Sure we read Bible stories, but we sometimes read them and fall into the habit of thinking they are just nice feel-good stories that happened a long time ago. He couldn’t possibly […]

One Easy Way to Stop Worrying so Much!

Are you a professional worrier? I think some of us could make a living out of it. For some reason, we are really good at it as humans. I’m especially gifted at it at times. Worry seems to be a theme throughout Scripture, especially the New Testament. Jesus himself speaks of it: Matthew 6:25-27, “Therefore […]