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Footstools, Problems and Miracles

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how big God is. Since we’ve never seen him face-to-face it’s hard to grasp what he’s capable of. Sure we read Bible stories, but we sometimes read them and fall into the habit of thinking they are just nice feel-good stories that happened a long time ago. He couldn’t possibly […]

One Easy Way to Stop Worrying so Much!

Are you a professional worrier? I think some of us could make a living out of it. For some reason, we are really good at it as humans. I’m especially gifted at it at times. Worry seems to be a theme throughout Scripture, especially the New Testament. Jesus himself speaks of it: Matthew 6:25-27, “Therefore […]

100 Lessons I Learned From Africa (quick read)

I recently went on a mission trip to South Africa with some students from the Valor School of Leadership, the ministry college of First Assembly of God. It was the best missions experience I’ve ever had. We were there for two weeks and ministered to more children than I can count. We had the chance […]

Lessons I Taught My Daughter While Destroying Her In Candy Land

Recently, I sat down with my children to play a game of Candy Land. It’s a great board game for young children to play because there’s no strategy involved. Everything rests upon what card you draw. For the most part, it’s a fair game between a three year old and a twelve year old. My […]

The 5 Lies Many Parents Believe

It’s easy to get caught up into believing something that’s not true. In fact, the more we are told something the more we believe it’s true. Many of us struggle with trying to be the perfect parent. It’s even more of a struggle if you’re a single parent or if you grew up in a […]

One List Everyone Should Keep This Year

A few years ago I stumbled upon something. I wish I could say it changed the world, but it didn’t. It only changed mine. I’ve been journaling for a few years now, but a few years ago I did something different. During a time of prayer I felt like the Holy Spirit told me to […]

One Surefire Way To Teach Your Children About Saving and Spending

My children are very different from one another. My oldest daughter loves to shop and spend money, while my younger daughter is a saver. In fact, she’s three years younger than her sister and has managed to save three times the amount of money. While they’re both different from one another, there’s one thing they […]

Lessons I Learned Raising Girls

Mother. Mom. Mommy. Stepmom. Father. Dad. Daddy. Stepdad. These words give us permission to speak into the lives of our children. Raising girls is no easy task and differs from raising boys. I have failed, on many occasions, at being the perfect mom with all the perfect solutions; however, I have learned a few things […]

Why Perspective Matters In Your Life

We look at life through the lenses of our worldview. Everyone’s lenses are different based upon what their worldview is. This means perspective is important. We can either look at life and work as an opportunity or as an obligation. You can either view it as a “have to” or a “get to.” Obligation says… […]

7 Lessons I Would Teach The Younger Me

Have you ever wished you had known something sooner in life? I wouldn’t want to go back to my younger years, but I wish I understood some life lessons a lot sooner. I’m not sure if I would have listened, but I would have at least tried. Here’s some advice I would tell the younger […]